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Ceramic Photographs: Our ceramic photographs are high quality memorial photos with a life time guaranteed against UV fading. Rayzist Stencil Portraits: Rayzist stencil portraits are sandblasted into the stone and only painted in white, black granite is recommended.
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Photoceramics Photoceramics (3) Photoceramics (10)Photoceramics (2)Photoceramics (1)Photoceramics (9)Photoceramics (8)Harris  352662Photoceramics (7)Photoceramics (6)Photoceramics (4)  +8
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Sandblasted 1.bmp Sandblasted 3 Sandblasted 2.bmp


Inscription Layouts

Layouts shown are some examples of different options and languages. We care for all different languages. Each layout is different depending on the headstone size, inscription, font used, artwork and if photo is included.

Wave XL Book Tear dropTawhiti frontTall SaddleSchuster GenesisSamoanHeartHinduKoruLee-CheemmMuavaeSamoan 2Heart with GardeniasHeart & NotesFalefituFaleEternityDouble lengh TempleDouble lengh Temple 213855BookCamberCheck Saddle +25



Tongan Samoan, Heart 1 Samoan 3 Samoan 2 Samoan 1 Maori Korean Arabic , Perisan Arabic & Perisan Chinese 1 Chinese 2 Chinese 3 Cyrillic 1 Cyrillic 2       +11


Artwork examples displayed is only a small selection from our extensive artwork library. If you wish to have some artwork on the memorial you can choose one form our artwork library or we can create a special one for you.


Shown are just some of our epitaph suggestions. Also very popular are bible verses.


Not all the fonts are suitable for sandblasting into granite and not all can be done in all sizes. It depends on the size of the available space on the memorial, on the amount of letters, artwork and if a photograph is in place.


Why Granite? Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock great in hardness, firmness and durability. It is a very hard stone which formed as hot liquid stone. Granite is used in building, headstones and statues. It is a rich and complex stone with great colour depth and pattern complexity. It is a natural material and each piece varies. Granite comes in different colors. Granite colours shown are designed to give you an idea of the range available. Depending on your screen and colour resolution the samples shown may not be an accurate reproduction.

Cemetery by-laws & Regulations

Most public Cemeteries have regulations that regulate the size, and type of memorial. We are able to advice on the type of memorial that will suit the particular cemetery regulations and your preferences. Auckland Council Cemeteries Mangere Cemetery

Memorial Permits

Memorial permit fee apply to most public Cemeteries. You need to provide a Certificate of the ownership of the plot, we will than deal with all the formalities on your behalf.