Choosing and Purchasing Memorial

We understand that purchasing a Memorial can be difficult. Memorial is a symbol of remembrance, a tribute to someone dearly loved and missed. We are here to make this process as easy for you as possible.

Cemetery regulations

Cemetery regulations and individual preferences influence the selection of a memorial. We will show you a variety of styles, explain regulations and price options for the particular cemetery section.


Memorial costs are relative to the cemetery regulations, choice of shape, size & colour of the memorial, artwork, inscription and applicable Cemetery fees.

Choosing a memorial

You can choose a memorial from our extensive showroom display, website headstone gallery, from the photograph or draft you supply or we can design one to your specific requirements within the Cemetery regulations.

Granite colour selections

The most common colour is Black but there are many other granite colours available.

Once you choose the memorial style and decide on the appropriate text and meaningful artwork a free computer generated layout is produced in colour to help you to visualize the finished memorial. The family then can check for any possible errors, additions etc before the final work is completed on the stone.

Other product such as Ceramics photographs, Religious items, different styles of vases and other memorial product are available to incorporate into your tribute.

Our Pricing

To make the memorial affordable as much as possible we offer competitive package deal pricing.

Our packages include:

  • Any amount of white/silver letters to fit on the headstone face
  • 23 carat gold leaf deceased name on the headstone face
  • Artwork in colour from our artwork library on the headstone face
  • Ceramics Photograph
  • 2 Dome black or silver vases in the base
  • Computer inscription layout proof in colour
  • Installation to existing Concrete berm in any Auckland Cemetery.

Memorial Permits

Council Memorial permit fee apply to most public Cemeteries and it is added to the cost of the memorial, we will advise you of the cost. You will need to provide us with a copy of the Certificate of the plot ownership, we than deal with all the formalities with the Cemetery on your behalf.

Payment options

You may wish to pay off the memorial and set up automatic payments or choose our easy Lay-by option or we can recommend a finance company. We can deal with law firms on your behalf if the memorial is to be paid from Estate funds. We accept cash, cheque, bank transfers, internet payments or Wester Union money transfer.

Completion times

Most of the headstones in stock can be comfortably completed in 6 weeks if photo ceramic is included. In some cases it can be finished earlier without the photo ceramic and temporary laminated photo can be used in the meantime. While we will always do our best to accommodate urgent orders, please be mindful to allow enough time for completion. Custom made and special designed shapes have to be made to order overseas and are complete in 14-16 weeks.